Hello ISACA-KM members!

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Chris Roy and I have been elected by all of you as the 2010-2011 ISACA-KM Chapter President. I would like to start out by saying Thank You to Annie Forrer for her leadership and dedication over the last couple of years, as she has done a great job in taking our chapter to the next level through innovations such as modifying our approach for education sessions so that we can include our members in Madison on a real-time basis, and securing the M&I university for our Milwaukee meetings. 

Recognizing that all of us get many e-mails I will keep this very short but I wanted to let you know of some exciting things that we have planned for this year.

1) FREE MEETINGS – As Annie alluded to in her final e-mail, all 2010-2011 ISACA-KM education meetings will be FREE to ISACA members. Pre-registration will still be required so we can produce CPE certification and registration is also required as we have a capacity of 130 at the M&I university, and a capacity of 30 at our Madison location, but there will no longer be a per meeting charge as long as you are an ISACA member in current standing. And in case you are wondering, snacks and CPE will still be provided to attendees so make sure to mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Where else can you get free CPE credits just for being a member?

2) FREE REMOTE PARTICIPATION – That’s right, for all of you that are not able to make it physically to either the Madison or Milwaukee locations, we will provide you the opportunity to participate remotely via pc and phone at no cost to you. The only catch is that without an ISACA proctor representative on site, we will be unable to provide CPE credits. However, if you are able to get a group of folks together in one location, please let me know and we can establish the proctor and necessary paperwork so that you can get the CPE credits for attending. Further, if you have a group of folks that want to participate but are having difficulty securing a meeting location, please again reach out. We would love the opportunity to establish remote locations in the Fox Valley or Northern Wisconsin so that we can provide benefits to all of our Wisconsin ISACA-KM members. If you are interested in participating remotely we will have a separate registration link on 123Signup.

3) IT EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE – Our first meeting of the year is Wednesday September 22nd and it will be a great one to kick off the year. It is an IT Executive Roundtable and the topic is “Evolving IT Strategies and the skills you need to be effective and marketable in the work place”. We will have a panel of IT Executive leaders from leading companies to discuss what they are planning for the next few years and to provide their insights on what we can do to support and be better prepared. Be sure to sign-up quickly as we expect the seating to go quickly given the attendance will be free.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or if you are interested in volunteering to support our chapter. I am looking forward to a great year!

Thank you,

Chris Roy ISACA-KM Chapter President president@isaca-km.org

2010-2011 ISACA-KM Meeting Schedule:
September 22nd 2010
October 20th 2010
November 17th 2010
December 15th 2010
January 19th 2011
February 16th 2011
March 23rd 2011
April 20th 2011
May 18th 2011

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